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How does the Referral program work?
Last Updated 3 years ago

At Privex, we operate an affiliate program to encourage our customers to spread the word :)

If you refer anyone, you will receive 10% credit of what they pay each month (e.g. if your referral has a $10 server, that means you get $1 off your bill per month).

To encourage your referrals to use your referral link, we offer a 5% discount on their first renewal.

To refer someone, tell them to go to the order form and type your username, or email address. If you would like a more private "referral code", please contact and we'll help you out.

You can also create referral links simply by taking the below link, and adding your name to the end.

Example - If your username is "johndoe", you would do the following:

What is my username?

Your username is whatever we recognise you by. When you ordered your server(s), you will have entered something into the name box, and the hostname box. You can use anything that we can easily locate, for example, the first part of your email, your real name (if you used it) John Doe, or a username that you entered johndoe123.

If you're unsure of the name we recognise you by, please contact - we can also get you a unique referral code such as JOHN20 (you're free to suggest one) which can be used with our referral links, and the referral box on the order form.

When will I be paid?

For each referral that is in good standing (not overdue, suspended, or cancelled), we will take 10% of their last total server bill, and apply it to your next bill. A referral needs to be with us for at least 1 month for this to work.

How do I check my referrals?

Any referral discount will show on your next bill. If you're uncertain and think that you have referred other people that are not showing, you can contact and we will get you a list of your referrals, and the amount they are taking from your bill.

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